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The Panhellenic’s goal is to assist all Northwest Harris County potential members in having the best recruitment possible, ending with the maximum number of girls becoming members of a sorority. We know that not all potential new members going through the recruitment process know sorority alumnae, so in an effort to connect potential new members with area alumnae the NWHCAP Association has developed the following suggested registration process.

By registering with the Northwest Harris County Panhellenic, your information will be submitted to the Panhellenic Recruitment Chair via email and then distributed to Panhellenic Alumnae in the area. Each sorority alumnae group will use the information you submit in an effort to obtain a personal reference. Your local references on your resume are therefore very important.

References are done on a voluntary basis and at the discretion of the alumnae based on set requirements (e.g. grade point, leadership activities, reputation, etc.) This procedure DOES NOT guarantee that you will receive a reference.

The sooner you submit the requested registration information, the more time you will give the sorority alumnae groups to contact their members on your behalf. Most collegiate chapters request that recommendations be received by July 1st.

This procedure DOES NOT guarantee that the designated sororities will recruit these candidates

It is to your advantage to submit all completed registration information to the Recruitment Chairman as soon as possible after the Parent/Daughter Workshop on February 09, 2020, even if you are undecided on your choice of schools or if you are attending a school with deferred recruitment. All recruitment information must be received by May 1, 2020 for fall and deferred recruitment.

Click the link at the top of the page to complete the registration form New Member Registration Form

  • Contact the NWHCAP Recruitment Chairman, Sheri Sheppard via email at if you have any questions

Additional Guidance: It is to your advantage to make family and friends aware of your intention to participate in the recruitment process. If an alumna offers to write a recommendation for you, you may accept their offer.

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